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Xorb Premium Products-The Last Drink Of The Night™
Xorb Premium 12 Pack - 8.4oz Cans
What Is XORB™? 

XORB Premium™ is the smarter drinking solution. This all-natural, lab tested, healthy beverage is the perfect complement after drinking alcohol. XORB Premium™ simply works, with the evidence of over 50 million cans sold throughout Europe and other countries. 

Features/Benefits of XORB™:

Made with all-natural ingredients
Hydrates the body
Gives you energy naturally
Backed by independent lab tests
Helps you feel great in 30 minutes or less
Is the perfect complement after drinking alcohol

XORB™ Can Do More!

XORB™ doesn’t have to be used solely after consuming alcohol. You can  consume XORB™:
Before or after a workout (it’s a great source of natural energy and/or recovery!)
Every day as part of a delicious, healthy lifestyle
To enhance your nutrition

Xorb Premium Pack 12 - 8.4oz Cans
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Xorb Premium Pack 12 - 8.4oz Cans
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